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Recipefund.com is an exceptional endeavor by food loving individuals whose main aim is to create a professional and unique recipe sharing community. The goal is to help individual home cooks and food lovers to become a part of a greater community by sharing their love for food and its creation. And get paid for it!

About Recipe Fund

How it all started, you ask? Well, one word, pandemic!

During the lockdown days, the world has gone through a lot, from quarantine days to working from home to social distancing measures. And that gave a rise to more and more people turning to the kitchen to find a creative outlet. Many a people have discovered new dishes and recipes and they are eager to share them with the world. And so, we decided to offer a platform where people can connect with a community of home cooks and share in each other's passion and discoveries. Furthermore, our service gives these individuals a chance to get paid for the new recipes that they come up with.

History of Recipe Fund

The idea came to the founders in June 2019 and after a lot of brainstorming, developing and tweaking they launched their labor of love, the website. It is still a work in progress and we cannot wait to add many more exciting tools and features. You can follow us to receive fresh updates!


Recipe Fund Start

2019 June

The idea was born


Recipe Fund Start


Wireframing, Prototyping, Researching


Recipe Fund Start

2020 3rd Quarter

Start of Developing


Recipe Fund Start

2021 2nd Quarter

Launch of Beta

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