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Healthy vegetable rice bowl

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24 Jun 2021

Korean Cuisine

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This one I'm presenting you today was prepared using a couple of my favorite veggies and nice, nutritious greens. The textures and flavors complement each other nicely, it's visually appealing, and I eat it often. You can easily make it vegan by omitting the egg, or add meat if desired. We used to make this to save money on rice, but now people make it because it's nutritious, tasty, simple to prepare, and excellent for you! Have fun with the recipe!

Healthy vegetable rice bowl

by Alexis Vill

Recipe Fund Recipe
Recipe Fund Recipe
Recipe Fund Recipe
Recipe Fund Recipe
Recipe Fund Recipe


US Customary


2 cup of rice (440 grams)

2 qty of ounces kale (60 grams), tough stems removed, washed, drained, and chopped

8 qty of ounces peeled Korean radish (or daikon, turnip), cut into matchsticks

8 qty of ounces cleaned soybean sprouts

2 qty of large king oyster mushrooms (about 6 ounces), sliced

4 qty of sunny side up eggs (or over easy), optional

1 tbsp of gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) and toasted sesame oil for serving, optional

0.25 cup of soy sauce

2 tsp of gochu-garu (Korean hot pepper flakes)

1 tsp of sugar (or zero calorie natural sweetener such as Swerve)

3 qty of green onions, chopped

1 qty of garlic clove, minced

2 tsp of toasted sesame seeds

1 tbsp of toasted sesame oil


Recipe Fund Recipe

Prep Time:

15 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Cook Time:

50 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Total Time:

1 Hr 5 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe



Recipe Fund Recipe


Korean Cuisine


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