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Bolognese spaghetti Makaronia me kima

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23 Jul 2021

Greek Cuisine

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One of the quickest meals, healthy and very tasteful!

Bolognese spaghetti  Makaronia me kima

by Juanna Didi

Recipe Fund Recipe


US Customary


0.50 kgs of Ground beef

4 tbsp of Olive oil

2 qty of Onion

1 qty of Garlic glove

0.5 tsp of Sugar

1 qty of Cinnamon stick

2 qty of Bay leaves

150 ml of Rew wine

1 tbsp of Tomato paste

0.50 kgs of Crushed tomatoes

3 tsp of Salt

1 tsp of Freshly ground pepper

0.50 kgs of Spaghetti


Recipe Fund Recipe

Prep Time:

20 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Cook Time:

45 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Total Time:

1 Hr 5 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe



Recipe Fund Recipe


Greek Cuisine


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