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Beef Bourguignon

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25 Jul 2021

French Cuisine

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Boeuf Bourguignon, a classic French beef stew prepared with red wine, pearl onions, mushrooms, and bacon, is both soothing and delicious. This meal will undoubtedly become a staple on your menu after you've tried it!

Beef Bourguignon

by Maria Vill

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1 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil

6 qty of ounces of bacon, roughly chopped

3 lbs of beef brisket, trimmed of fat (chuck steak or stewing beef) cut into 2-inch chunks

1 qty of large carrot sliced 1/2-inch thick

1 qty of large white onion, diced

6 qty of cloves garlic, minced (divided)

1 qty of pinch of coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

2 tbsp of flour

12 qty of small pearl onions

3 cup of red wine like Merlot, Pinot Noir, or a Chianti for milder sauce

2 cup of beef stock

2 tbsp of tomato paste

1 qty of beef bullion cube, crushed

1 tsp of fresh thyme, finely chopped

2 tbsp of fresh parsley, finely chopped (divided)

2 qty of bay leaves

1 lbs of fresh small white or brown mushrooms, quartered

2 tbsp of butter


Recipe Fund Recipe

Prep Time:

15 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Cook Time:

3 Hrs

Recipe Fund Recipe

Total Time:

3 Hrs 15 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe



Recipe Fund Recipe


French Cuisine


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