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Chicken Sotanghon Tinola Recipe

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17 Mar 2022

Filipino cuisine

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The cold January weather can be a blessing to some, but a bit of a burden to others. With the cool breeze and even cooler nights unfortunately comes the addition of the flu and other viruses. When it comes to getting sick, soups and stews are the cure to soothing both your stomach and any symptoms. And even when you aren’t sick, they can be just as delicious and enjoyable. One classic example of this would be the delightful and hearty tinolang manok. But what if I told you there was a way to amp up this indubitably tasty soup? This is where our chicken sotanghon tinola makes its warm welcome.

Chicken Sotanghon Tinola Recipe

by Phoebe Chat Legaspi

Recipe Fund Recipe


US Customary


8 oz of boneless chicken breast

5 oz of sotanghon noodles

1 qty of Knorr Chicken Cube

6 oz of green papaya sliced

1 cup of malunggay leaves

4 qty of cloves garlic chopped

1 qty of onion chopped

3 qty of thumbs ginger minced

2 tbsp of cooking oil

6 cup of rice wash hugas bigas

Patis and ground black pepper to taste


Recipe Fund Recipe

Prep Time:

5 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Cook Time:

45 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Total Time:

50 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe



Recipe Fund Recipe


Filipino cuisine


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