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Ginisang Munggo Monggo

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17 Mar 2022

Filipino cuisine

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Some dishes in a certain cuisine are known to best describe the feeling of home-cooked meals from that particular country. For the Philippines, it can range from sinigang to fried bangus to longganisa. But Ginisang Munggo is perhaps one of the best standout dishes that can definitely bring to you the comfort of a Filipino home. Hearty, healthy, and made of affordable ingredients, this dish isn’t so often cooked and served by moms for nothing.

Ginisang Munggo Monggo

by Phoebe Chat Legaspi

Recipe Fund Recipe


US Customary


1 1/2 cup of Mungo beans

1 tbsp of garlic

½ lbs of pork thinly sliced

2 cup of spinach (or alugbati)

1 qty of tomato chopped

1 qty of onion chopped

8 qty of shrimp optional

2 tbsp of fish sauce

24 oz of water for boiling

1 qty of Knorr beef cube for flavoring

1/2 cup of crushed pork rind chicharon

1/4 tsp of ground black pepper


Recipe Fund Recipe

Prep Time:

10 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe

Cook Time:

1 Hr

Recipe Fund Recipe

Total Time:

1 Hr 10 Mins

Recipe Fund Recipe



Recipe Fund Recipe


Filipino cuisine


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