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Mujadara is a classic Middle Eastern dish that brings together humble ingredients to create a flavorful and comforting meal. This vegan dish features a combination of cooked lentils, rice, and caramelized onions, often seasoned with warm spices. Mujadara is beloved for its simplicity, versatility, and rich, earthy flavors.
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The Story

Mujadara is a testament to the beauty of simple ingredients cooked to perfection. It starts with lentils and rice cooked together until tender and is elevated by the addition of caramelized onions. The blend of spices adds depth and warmth to the dish. Served hot or at room temperature, Mujadara is a satisfying and nutritious option that's enjoyed throughout the Middle East.


1 cup green or brown lentils
1 cup long-grain white rice
4 cups water
4 large onions, thinly sliced
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Salt and pepper to taste
Chopped fresh parsley or cilantro, for garnish (optional)
4 Servings

Prep Time:

0 Hrs 15 Mins

Cook Time:

0 Hrs 45 Mins

Total TIme:

0 Hrs 0 Mins



Rinse lentils, simmer in 4 cups of water for 20-25 mins. Simultaneously, cook rice in 2 cups of water for 15-20 mins.


In a skillet, sauté thinly sliced onions in vegetable oil until deep golden brown (20-25 mins).


Combine cooked lentils and rice, add ground cumin, coriander, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Mix well.


Transfer Mujadara to a serving dish, top with caramelized onions, and optionally drizzle with olive oil.


Optionally, garnish with fresh parsley or cilantro.


Serve hot or at room temperature, savoring the comforting flavors of this Middle Eastern dish.

Tips for this recipe

Mujadara pairs wonderfully with a side of yogurt or a tahini sauce for added creaminess and flavor. It can also be served with a salad or pickled vegetables to balance the earthy richness of the dish.

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