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5 Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out

With so many chefs already on this website, it can be a challenge to grab the public’s attention, but there is no need to be discouraged. A well-written profile can make get the viewer to read more of your recipes and even follow you for future updates. We have some tips for you that will help you build a unique profile and attract more views.

1. Pick a niche

It is essential to play to your strengths and stick to the cuisine, you know. A profile is like a store, and to attract customers, and you need to define your specialty. It does not have to be a specific cuisine; you can also focus on healthy eating, budget meals, large family dinners, or kid’s favorites. Your niche can be anything as long as you consider yourself an expert in it. 

2. Build a Brand

Your profile is not just about your recipes but also about you too! The best patterns showcase the chef’s personality and give them a sneak preview into their life. Introduce yourself by sharing some fun facts which will build your brand. You can also add a description for each recipe to keep it in theme with the brand.

The readers are more likely to follow recipes from a face they can trust. The profile photo should be a fun picture of you, preferably in a unique setting, so it is easier to distinguish. If you are not comfortable with displaying yourself, then you can use illustrations of a similar nature. You can use a catchy pen name to get attention as well.

3. Post Original Recipes

Nobody needs another recipe for lasagne or pancakes because everyone already has one that they trust. Do not post dishes that are already all over the website. Unless you add a new twist to it, that isn’t already on Recipe Fund; there is no reason to post a recipe. You could either simplify the recipe with a 3-ingredient quick fix or replace a more complicated ingredient or technique. Your methods should be exciting and make cooking easier for everyone.  

The other route is posting dishes you have invented yourselves. The website stars are always those that combine two unlikely ingredients or are a fusion of cuisines from different parts of the world.

4. Quality Over Quantity

A more successful profile is one that meticulously curates each recipe to fit with their theme. It would be a wrong move to try to populate your profile by posting 20 recipes in one day because you will not be able to pay attention to the quality of the content. The best way is to pace each post and upload it after a week or at least a few days. 

image 5
image 5
5. Take the Test

There is a test to check whether or not your profile is ready to publish. Try to describe it in one sentence and be as specific as possible. That sentence should focus on your niche and what unique aspect you bring to the table. If you are successful in finishing that sentence, then you are good to go! 

Happy Posting!