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Fond of eating something sweet after dinner, don't worry try out cookies that have various flavors only on RecipeFund.

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Mini Smores Tart

Cinnamon spiced tart with a brandy ganache filling topped with toasted marsh.

2 Hrs 20 Mins

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6 People

Wayne Loong

By  Wayne Loong

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Custard pudding with banana and biscuit

Quick dessert for sudden guest arrival

20 Mins

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4 People

Fathima Nushra

By  Fathima Nushra

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Healthy Monster Cookies

These healthy monster cookies are composed of all-natural Peanut, 100% whole grains, and add-ins for your favorite monster cookie. Best part? These cookies are ...

15 Mins

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5 People

Alexis Vill

By  Alexis Vill

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